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Why Utah? Why Now?

A few good reasons to focus on the beehive state:

  • Since 2002, alcohol sales in Utah have more than doubled—and they continue to climb. Record sales of more than $453 million were reported for FY 2018 by the UDABC.*

  • Wine leads the way in the state across all alcohol categories with 3.67 million gallons sold in the state last year.

  • Utah’s robust economy has attracted a steady stream of newcomers since the 1990s, accounting for a strong demographic shift and unprecedented diversity among residents of the state.

  • U.S. Census Bureau statistics show population growth in Utah is the fastest rising in the nation.

  • Booming tourism, hospitality and conference business contribute to growing demand for fine wine & spirits across Utah.

*Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control 2018 Annual Report


Leading the Way Among Strongest State Economies

”Utah ranks #1 in economic health — speedy business growth, high entrepreneurial activity, and a booming population all contribute to its substantial economy.” April 2018 - visualcapitalist.com

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

What is the ‘Tierdom’ Movie?

Terrestoria makes the case for Utah in the age of post-protectionist wine business.


On the Fringes of Tierdom is a documentary short film, written and narrated by Terrestoria’s founder Stephanie Cuadra, which suggests that unexplored tertiary markets such as Utah are part of the answer to mounting challenges small wine growers face as a result of consolidated distribution within the American three-tier system. Watch the trailer.

Meet Our Broker

Vine Lore Wine & Spirits, Salt Lake City

Terrestoria is proud to partner with Vine Lore Wine & Spirits—Utah’s leading boutique brokerage made up of passionate advocates and knowledgeable educators dedicated to raising the bar for the artisan drinks business across the Beehive State.

We Mean Business

Terrestoria is a member of Local First, Utah’s leading independent business alliance, committed to promoting the economic prosperity of locally owned businesses.