All in ITALY

ALEPA | Riccio Bianco 2013

This producer believes no two vintages should be alike and because of her decidedly hands-off approach in the cellar, Paola Riccio's wines candidly reflect the conditions, time and place of their origin. A rare find from Italy’s diverse viticultural landscape, Riccio Bianco from Alepa, made from 100% Pallagrello Bianco grapes, will invite you to rethink how you personally define Italian white wines.

CASCINA MONTAGNOLA | Morasso 2013 / Rodeo 2013

About 20 growers are known to produce wines from the Timorasso grape which is native to Piemonte’s Tortona Hills. This ancient variety was on the brink of extinction as recently as the 1980s but thanks to independent producers like Cascina Montagnola, this fascinating, albeit laborious, noble white grape is making a resounding comeback. Equally impressive is Cascina Montagnola’s flagship Barbera Rodeo from the farm’s original post-war era plantings.

QUARTA GENERAZIONE | Quarta Generazione 2013

The ‘fourth generation’ of a true winemaking dynasty begins anew as the riches of southern Italy’s diverse viticultural patrimony come to the fore. With her father Sergio's masterful enological skill in the cellar, Giovanna Paternoster has pedigree, know-how and resolve that ensure Quarta Generazione is already another legacy in the making in Basilicata’s most important wine appellation.

SANTA MARIA LA NAVE | Millesulmare 2014 / Calmarossa 2014

From some of the highest vineyard sites in Europe, Santa Maria La Nave produces Millesulmare and Calmarossa—extraordinary crus of volcanic inspiration and character. This distinctly Sicilian story involves the transfer of wisdom from one generation to another, a delicate balancing act with astonishing forces of nature and one woman’s vocation for pushing the limits of heroic viticulture.