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Welcome to Terrestoria


Terrestoria Wine Imports was created to foster discovery among Utah’s burgeoning community of wine enthusiasts. While focusing on lesser-known wine regions and indigenous grapes of Italy and Spain, we collaborate with small-scale producers whose voices are rarely heard beyond local borders. We provide ambassadorship to people we admire, while acquainting inquisitive oenophiles with venerable landscapes and time-honored traditions of the vine.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Terrestoria LLC operates from satellite offices in Milan, Italy.


Disrupting the status quo

  • Terrestoria champions inclusiveness in the wine industry and is proud to feature wines from women-run estates.

  • We are based in Europe, which facilitates close, year-round collaboration with our winery partners.

  • While sourcing artisan wines for consumers in the state of Utah, Terrestoria provides a prosperous, alternative gateway for emerging producers to the competitive U.S. wine market.





On the Fringes of Tierdom is a short film, written and narrated by Stephanie Cuadra, founder of Terrestoria Wine Imports in Salt Lake City, suggesting that unexplored tertiary markets such as Utah are part of the answer to mounting challenges small winegrowers face as a result of consolidated distribution channels across the American three-tier system.